Technology Consulting


We gather feedback through user community surveys and stakeholder interviews to better understand the technology culture and the unique ways employees utilize technology.
This feedback is compiled from multiple business units and decision-makers around the organization to build a holistic solution.
This process enhances business productivity by leveraging collaboration technology and keeping a solid focus on end-user experience and adoption.


Our Engineers and Architects pioneered the first AV BIM template in the industry. We work directly with architects, builders, and designers, ensuring a smooth collaboration and integration among different systems and technologies.

• Acoustic Design
• Sports Venues
• Corporate Spaces
• Hospitality
• Amusement Parks
• Network Systems
• LED / Video Walls
• Control Systems
• Asset Management
• Sound Masking


AG Consulting’s Agile approach is an iterative approach to delivering your project throughout its lifecycle. Our team oversees the planning, design, and implementation, ensuring that your project is delivered on time and within budget. 

We represent the owner’s interest and provide oversight over the entire AV / IT Integration.


Our unique change communication program creates excitement and drives interest, adoption, and return on investment.

Coordinated training that integrates with change communication  and  engages with the end user for seamless transition without reducing productivity.


Once the project is complete, we create a custom-tailored upkeep plan to maximize your ROA and ROI.

We create a technology roadmap so that your system can keep up with your business and operations.